Arteamstic English

 arteamstic is a team-building concept based on a creative and artistic approach. The workshop is facilitated by a Swiss artist, a professional painter with several years’ business experience in a multinational corporation.


Each team member contributes to the creation of a common artwork. Throughout the animation, the group has to make several decisions which will have a direct impact on the final artwork. Guided by the artist, the group goes into the technical aspects of painting such as colour harmony, contrasts, composition, etc. No prior technical knowledge is required.The painting remains property of the team. As a result, it acts as a visual and colourful reminder of a privileged moment spent together.


arteamstic comes to your premises or to any location of your choice and provides the painting and drawing material as well as the necessary protection for clothes, floors and tables.

The minimum duration for a 10-people workshop is 2 to 4 hours. A longer timeframe should be allowed for larger groups.

arteamsticcan organise workshops in English or in French. If needed, the artist can also explain animation details to Italian or German speakers.